Swivel Footpeg untuk versys 1000 / 650

footstep pada sepeda motor yaitu memiliki fungsi sebagai tempat untuk pijakan kaki saat mengendarai sepeda motor. Ya menurut fungsinya sendiri mungkin anda sudah mengetahui bahwa sebuah komponen motor yang satu ini sangat berpengaruh besar terhadap kenyamanan ketika mengendarai motor, oleh karena itu posisi sebuah footstep ini harus benar benar sangat ideal dengan posisi duduk anda ketika mengendarai sepeda motor baik untuk jarak dekat atau berkendara jarak jauh agar kaki tidak mudah merasa pegal.

our product:

ORD M15  ® have a unique & precisely tuned spring loaded pivoting action that actively tracks with the motion of the rider’s feet. This has been tested and used by Mario Iroth a rider who come across the world. Most the race proven pivoting action improves grip, comfort & control while actively reducing impact and fatigue.

ORD M150  are precision built and backed by our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We use state of the art investment casting processes and high strength double heat treated aerospace grade stainless steel. The Pegz are then precision CNC machined with a high grade finish.

A high quality German made BUSH is used internally and ample amounts of a superior quality saltwater proof grease is added to keep everything running smoothly. The unit has O-ring seals at both ends of the pivot shaft to protect the internals and to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. If and when maintenance is required it’s a very easy task due to the simple and proven design.

The strength and durability of ORD M150 has been proven many times by many riders throughout the world and we regularly receive testimonials from customers praising the quality and strength of the product.



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